Making print and digital media accessible to those with impairments like autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and colour-blindness is very important.

As part of my accessibility offering, I provide three services that can help you to reach out to audiences with specific content and design needs.

Accessible content

I can produce accessible content and design work that’s far easier to read for neurodivergent audiences. Types of accessible content we provide includes:

  • Easy Read English – short, simple sentences with symbols or images showing actions
  • Accessible designs – versions of existing documents like PDFs, with increased line spacing and sensitive fonts and colour schemes
  • Accessible websites – ones with simple navigation and layouts, sensitive colour schemes and a toolbar

Accessibility audits

I can go through your print and digital publicity media. Then, I can suggest improvements to make it more readable by certain people.

Each audit will be presented to you in PDF format. I can also provide an audit alongside accessible content to replace what you already have, whether in print or online.

If you like the look of what I provide, please feel free to get in touch with me.