Whether you want something simple or specialist, I can produce all kinds of print and digital content. From the smallest flyer to the most detailed report or feature article, all your written content needs will be met. Here is a list of tasks I can do:


I can offer the following types of editorial content:

  • Press releases – for your next big event, an upcoming project or any news you need to share
  • News reports – if you want a report on a breaking or upcoming news event, it can be done
  • Features – for newspapers, magazines, blogs and news or comment websites, I can create a piece that reads well and says something relevant

For print

Having something to hand that reads well will help you to connect with your audience. Here are the types of printed copy that I can do for you:

  • Leaflet and flyer copy – to help make a sale or attract new clients, I can create something that will grab attention
  • Newsletters – alongside designing them, we can write the copy too. All you need to do is send the info you want published and it can be turned into something readable
  • Whitepapers – if you’re in an industry/sector where you need to show off your expertise, I can create the copy needed to do just that
  • Guides – if there’s a guide you need creating to explain what you do, it can be done

For the web

Whether it’s for your website, app, social media accounts or blog, I can produce:

  • Blog posts – for any group that needs to upload regular content about goings-on or anything they offer, they can be done
  • Landing pages – content for pages which explain services or products
  • Category and subcategory pages – for ecommerce or directory sites, content that explains each product/service in greater detail
  • About/contact pages – copy that explains what you do and how visitors to your website can contact you
  • Social media – I can make shareable posts that will get people talking


For nearly four years, I worked as Content Writer then Senior Content Writer for Branded3, a digital marketing agency in Leeds. At the time of writing, I do freelance content work for WMG, an agency in Harrogate. I have worked for them on a freelance basis since December 2016.

If there is anything else you would like writing, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.